Learn the Art of Detoxification in Just 14 Days!


What's so good about detoxing?

"Nature never builds on a rotten foundation" -Johanna Brandt 

When the body is in a chronic or even degenerative stage, it's unlikely you'll see much improvement by adding supplement after supplement, minerals after minerals and modalities after modalities. Why? You're just building on a foundation that is shaky. No matter how many nails and screws you use, a house built on a rotten foundation will eventually come tumbling down, That's the power of detoxification - you correct the foundations of your health! Most people intuitively know they need to detox, and maybe you have done a few detoxes in the past, but it never worked out for you. 

Well, here are the most common problems people have when it comes to detoxing:

  • They don't know where to start! Information overload will cause temporary paralysis.
  • People are not serious enough about changing their health.
  • People don't have the necessary guidance and accountability to help them through the journey.
  • People have many misconceptions of what detoxification really is (for example, they think they need to detox for months and eat rabbit food every day.. which is totally not true btw).
  • People don't truly know how detoxing actually works and how it is literally the answer to their health problems.

This is exactly why i have decided to create the 14-Day Detox Challenge!

The 14-Day Detox Challenge will not only provide you with 14 epic and educational lessons on detoxification, create a dynamic and seamless space in which you can communicate with others on the same journey and share information, receive expert guidance from myself, but it will also challenge you to embark on the journey yourself - and this is where most the learning is done!

If you want a PROVEN, SCIENTIFIC & NATURAL way of upgrading your health and conquering your health goals, then this 14-Day Detox Challenge is for you! 


(MINIMUM: £44.44)


Upgrade your health with the 14-Day Detox Challenge! 🚀 

14-Day Detox Challenger PERKS:


Limited Offer

  • 14+ Daily video lessons teaching you the art of detoxification
  • Access to Deniz's plant-based recipes 
  • Access to the Found Conscious Academy which is a holistic driven online community
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to detox from start to finish
  • Access to my health resource archives
  • Lifetime access to the videos and community

This Is A Limited Offer: Pay what you choose (minimum amount £44.44) 

You are Saving £80


What you will learn:


  • How to CHOOSE your own detox using the Detox Pyramid. Yes, that's right, you'll be choosing your own detox and i'll show you how easy it is!
  • Everything you'll need to prepare for this 14-Day Detox Challenge - including equipment, tools, and mindset
  • You'll learn what the healing crisis is and how to navigate it
  • You'll learn the truth about fruit and fruit sugar and why they are amazing for detoxifying
  • You'll learn basic food combination laws
  • You'll learn how to become more in-tune with your body to be able to read your physiology better
  • You'll learn how to actively cleanse and put the body into the detoxification state 
  • You'll learn fundamental lessons in detoxification - from good bowel management to the underlying emotional aspects of detoxification

Remember: You get access to 14 video lessons by myself. These videos are educational as well as practical and contain pretty much everything you need to know to effectively detox the body. 



Being a 14-Day Detox Challenger, you get access to my private inner-circle detox/holistic lifestyle community. This is where our LIVE VICTORY call will be scheduled + many other amazing gifts/features. 


This is a sneak preview of what's inside the Found Conscious Academy which is where you'll get access to the 14-Day Detox Challenge videos, and the growing detox-driven community where you can ask questions, learn form others, and make genuine connections.

Get Deniz's 30 Plant-Based Recipes!

Deniz Kilic is not only an amazing chef, she is a close friend of mine and i can attest to the beauty of her foods! This ebook will help many of you in the 14-Day Detox Challenge. One of the biggest challenges when detoxing on raw-foods is knowing what to make and this ebook solves this problem. The creativity and simplicity of these meals make them an excellent resource to help you during these 14 days. 

Who's this for?

🚀 People with acute-mild health challenges


🚀 People who value their own health


🚀 People who are dedicated to the healing journey


🚀 People who are interested in healing the body using natural and scientific concepts 


🚀 People who want to learn the fundamentals of detoxification so they can apply it to their own lives and others


🚀 People who no longer want to rely on others for their own healing


🚀 People ready to take action!

So, are you ready to become a 14-Day Detox Champion? 🏆 
**If you have extreme gut-sensitivities, chronic health conditions and are generally very sensitive to a lot of food groups including fruits, the 14-Day Detox Challenge won't be suitable for you. Instead, i advise you to reach out to me here so we can work on building up your body through advanced detoxification:
[email protected]