Master Your Habits using Holistic Teachings 

Learn what a habit really is and how you can master your habit loops using holistic and ancient teachings. Get access to over 10 hours of my online presentations that allows you to deep dive into holistic living and creating empowering habits to support your journey to success.

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Most people deal in separates

A person is only as great as the habits he/she creates. What does that mean exactly? The behaviours we get up to on a day-to-day basis reflects the level of success and competency we endure throughout our life. A person with no positive habits or zero routine often finds themselves wondering what they "could have" been and never truly reaches the highest potential. A person with a powerful daily routine often knows exactly what they want out of life and why they are here on earth. So, how do we establish empowering daily habits?

Well, here are the problems most people have:

  • There is too much information, most people haven't got the time to sieve through tons of information on the internet or in books.
  • Most look at habit building through one lens often missing out on the whole picture.
  • People are not taught the true capabilities of the human mind and how it's the conduit to great habit building.
  • If someone is teaching you, it's most likely they are unaware of. the true nature of reality and so they don't know the REAL influences that affect your ability to create new inspiring habits.

This is exactly why i have decided to share these powerful video presentations!

 The presentations shed light on multiple important factors that one should always consider when building healthy daily routines. We firstly understand what a habit is and how to change them, as a detox specialist i share with you how nutrition plays a role in habit formation, then we discover successful stress management protocols, and finally explore how to hack the subconscious mind so it works for you!

If you want a truthful, conscious and holistic way of creating powerful daily habits/routines, this is the mini-course for you.

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Unleash Your True Potential By Mastering Your Day-to-Day Habits! 

Get Access To My Habit Mastery Video Presentations (10+ Hours)


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  • Understanding Habits Presentation
  • Holistic Nutrition Presentation
  • Stress Management Presentation
  • Hacking The Subconscious Mind Presentation
  • Ancient & holistic teachings to enhance daily habits
  • Practical Character Building Worksheets
  • *BONUS* SKCIM Formula Breakdown
  • 10+ hours of online video presentations 

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What you will learn:


 β—  With anything, we have to understand the problem before we tackle the solutions. You’ll learn what a habit really is.

●  You’ll learn the Habit Loop System and how the brain plays a role in habit formation.

●  You’ll learn how to identify Keystone Habits in your life, what they mean & how to change them.

●  The brain is fluid, you’ll learn how to shape your own brain! (literally)

●  You’ll learn the importance of Detoxification & how we can detox the body properly, sustainably, and effectively.

●  You’ll learn how to develop better eating habits, which will enhance your everyday energy levels, mental clarity, and physical well-being.

●  It’s impossible to build effective daily routines when you’re overwhelmed with stress - you’ll learn effective stress management techniques.

●  You’ll learn highly effective daily habits to help manage emotions and trauma.

●  We cannot control the external world, but we can control our internal environment. You’ll learn how you can control your own emotions to make
healthier decisions.

●  You’ll learn about the power of your own subconscious mind, how it affects your world and how you can hack it to build better habits.

●  You’ll learn how to become an experimenter of life!

●  You’ll learn the many ways to identify what is causing you poor sleep and the countless ways you can improve it! (sleep is essential)

●  You’ll learn all the ways I created my own reality and how you can too!.

What Happy Clients Say:



Justin Rogers

@foreverselfemployed, Entrepreneur



Jana Whitehead

@janawhitehead44, Holistic health & nursing coach




Head of HR





@theconsciouspineal, Entrepreneur 







Robyn Kristen


I worked with Azeem and his knowledge is incredible.

His tips are easy to implement, but you need to be disciplined and dedicated to see the change.

Azeem provided me with a substantial and well rounded pack of references, info and ways in which I can build better habits into my life!

The one thing I would say is to take it seriously and carve out time, space, energy so that you can dig into it. I’m still working through it now and making slow changes.

Azeem was there to help if I needed to reach out, so don’t feel daunted or overwhelmed. It’s also a life long project, so be patient - you’re working on you.

Thank you Azeem for all that you are doing and bringing to the world right now. Very grateful πŸ¦‹πŸ™πŸΌπŸ€ big love!


Hajnalka Horvath

I came across Azeem on social media at the time when I was looking for answers and more information.
His content fascinated me and I started following him to get a deeper understanding of what is happening in the world, what is happening in our minds, our health and much more.
So when I got to a point in my life where I needed support to get to the next level and at the same time found his Mastering Your Habits coaching program, I did not hesitate to jump right in.

We’re only a few days into it and I have already made some simple changes on his recommendation that help me focus on the important stuff.
Our coaching call was absolutely brilliant.
Even though, that was the first time we ever spoke, I felt comfortable sharing what I was struggling with.
I felt listened to and understood and most importantly, Azeem makes you feel like his only goal in life is to support you to get to yours.

After the call, I’ve received an awesome resource package, parts of which have already made an impact on me and on a recent health challenge I had.
I am excited to be working with him and am sure, he’ll be a great support on my journey to achieving some of the great plans of my life.


Andreas Gies


I couldn't have imagined that what i was doing all the time was a destroying habit. I used to sabotage my own Health and Mind with all these negative Habits which i have created subconsciously. Thanks to Azeem i now know how to replace them with better Habits.


Stefan Karolija


I used to not eat over the whole day and then at night i would strike the fridge and eat everything what was in there. This Habit led to not sleeping well and resulted in low energy days. Azeem helped me with the Resources and the personal call to identify and work on this Habit.

People With Positive Daily Routines:

This Mini-course is NOT for people who:

Hey! My name is Azeem

I'm the founder of Found Conscious, a community dedicated to sharing deeper truths to the world. Managing a community of this size has propelled me to master many aspects of myself too. I've been in this space for 6/7 years, truth bringer, self-mastery, health & wellness, self introspection and more. I'm here to help you manage your daily routines and empower yourself with ancient holistic lifestyle knowledge.