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sick  Superhuman

with The 60 Day Gut-Reset Program

Unlock the healing potential of your body by cleansing and strengthening the gut.


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Who am i? 

I’m Azeem, a wholistic health practitioner with a mission to help take a million people from sick>superhuman. When I’m not studying the human terrain, I’m doing my part to raise human consciousness by exposing pharmacological lies and informing people about the miraculous nature of the human form. Join me as we uncover the greatest science there is: detoxification.

What's Inside:

Module 1: Uncovering The Serpent  

☯ The simple process of human digestion
☯ How we develop a black-goo in our colon
☯ The dangers of black-goo
☯ How your eyes can show you the state of you digestive system

Module 2: Awakening The Serpent

☯ What’s the best healing diet?
☯ Supplements for regenerating the colon
☯ The gut-awakening protocol for weeks 1-4
☯ How we use enzymes them to heal the gut
☯ The ancient practice of Enemas

Module 3: Mastering The Serpent 

☯ 3 binders for removing toxins in the gut
☯ Gut-mastering protocol for weeks 5-8
☯ THE BEST gut-healing formula out there
☯ Experience what it’s like to remove black-goo

Module 4: "Para Para Parasites"

☯ ⁠Stop killing your symbionts
☯ Learn how parasites evolve
☯ Learn how we pass parasites naturally
☯ ⁠Learn what purpose of parasites 

Module 5: The Principle Diet

☯ Learn correct principles of nutrition
☯ Become a nutritional philosopher
☯ Get long-lasting health improvements through proper eating habits
☯ Get back to your roots: diet like your ancestors

Module 6: Miscellaneous Gut Tips 

☯ My favourite gut-healing concoctions
☯ Good-gut exercises/protocols
☯ The best gut-maintenance supplements
☯ The best detox-modalities that will level up your health

Success Stories


"Detoxifying the body is nothing more than removing the obstructions to the flow of energy, and it all starts with cleaning and strengthening the gut"

This is the best course on cleaning, repairing, and strengthening the gut


Gut-Detox Benefits 

⌁ Enhanced immune system
⌁ Boosted productivity and energy levels
⌁ Reduction of excess body fat
⌁ Better digestion
⌁ Sharper brain function & improved flow state
⌁ Relief from constipation
⌁ Deep and restful sleep
⌁ Brighter, clearer eyes
⌁ Overcoming addictive behaviours
⌁ Radiant and clear skin
⌁ Elevated vibration
⌁ A profound sense of peace and calm



  1. The 60-Day Gut-Reset Course program (all modules)
  2. Access to a private Detox Community (The Found Conscious Academy)
  3. Free 1:1 coaching sessions with Azeem (before and after program)
  4. Bi-weekly group Check-Ins with Azeem (direct coaching)
  5. Lifetime access to the course-content
  6. Regularly updated course-content 

Who is this for?

✅ Individuals exhausted from trying various diets and supplements without seeing real improvements in their mental and physical well-being.
✅ People who are serious about their health, transformation, and living their highest purpose.
✅ People eager to learn how to heal their body quickly and efficiently from the comfort of their own home, except for time spent in nature. 

Who is this not for?

🔴 You want to continue wasting time & money in the $100 billion industry that is alternative health & biohacking.
​🔴 You want to continue damaging your adrenals with caffeine and stimulants to trick yourself into being productive.
​🔴 You're looking for a quick-fix, magic pill, and/or band-aid.




If you're still unsure whether this program is right for you, schedule a free call below and me or one of my team will chat with you.