"The eye is the window of the soul, even animals look for a mans intentions right into his eyes"

~ H. Powers


My Offers:

Iridology + Protocol

£130 (GBP)

Receive an iris analysis and a unique written herbal protocol based on your analysis results. Great for those who are serious about regenerating their health.


Iridology + Protocol + Consult (1hr)

£200 (GBP)

Receive an iris report + unique herbal protocol. Additionally, we have a 1 hour consult to answer any questions about the report and other holistic solutions.


1 Month Holistic Coaching Package

£400 (GBP)

Receive an iris report, protocol, consult and 1 month personal coaching. I assist you through your detox to ensure the most optimum and successful experience.



Iridology is the study of how tissue changes within the body are reflected in the iris. By studying these subtle changes in the iris layers, a skilled iridologist can determine the most probable causes of those specific tissue changes in the body. Unlike most modern diagnostic tools today, Iridology can reflect tissue and lymphatic integrity around the entire human body.

Inflammation, acidity, drug deposits, genetic weaknesses, stress indicators, and lymphatic stagnation can all be pinpointed using this incredible science. This means, without a shadow of a doubt, Iridology is the most holistic and accurate tool for identifying causal weaknesses in the body. Iridology, accompanied by discerned solutions, is a gateway into your own health and provides a starting point to your own healing journey.

Azeem uses Iridology to gain a better perspective into his clients current and past health status, which allows him to provide a unique and specific herbal protocol. Additionally, it allows Azeem to provide more suitable and relatable holistic solutions to your underlying challenges.

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