Detox Services

"Man alone, of all creatures on earth, can change his own pattern. Man alone is the architect of his destiny"

~ William James


Azeem is a certified Detox Specialist after graduating from the School of Healing Arts and Sciences, taught by the great Dr. Robert Morse. Azeem has been living and studying holistic principles for 6 years and has been teaching people these principles on his social media channels which have amassed just under 1 million followers as of today.

Azeem specialises in cellular regeneration by focusing on 2 main factors - cellular and lymphatic integrity. The body has 2 main fluids; blood (kitchen) and lymph (bathroom). The blood feeds the cells and the kitchen is responsible for disposing the cellular waste (poop). Mans health challenges always have an origin. The idea of diseases are false and only exist within the allopathic paradigm. This is an old and outdated paradigm that seeks to profit from the downfall of man.

The origin of mans sickness always has to do with either the kitchen or bathroom (blood or lymph). Nutritional deficiencies or a hinderance in the bodies natural mechanisms to eliminate waste matter from the body. Azeem's services, whether his Iridology readings or consultations, will help you identify those weaknesses in your own body in relation to the blood and lymph, as well as providing you with natural holistic modalities to improve these weaknesses. Azeem focuses on making sure that the environment that surrounds your cells is one that promotes vitality and longevity. The pathway to WellVille lays in the experience of cellular detoxification. 

Detox Services:

Iridology + Protocol

£222 (GBP)

Receive a Neuro-Optic Analysis (Iridology reading) and a personalised 12-week nutritional detox program to begin correcting your root health issues.  


Iridology + Protocol + Consult

£397.00 (GBP)   £297.00 (GBP)

Comprehensive Iridology package including a written iris report, 12-week personalised nutritional program, 60 minute 1-on-1 consultation, plus my 14-Day Detox Challenge course.


Initial Consultation - Zoom

£259 (GBP)   £222 (GBP)

1/1.5 hour consultations with Azeem via Zoom. 12-week herbal protocol will be provided as well as dietary lifestyle solutions during our consultation. 


The Science of Iridology

Iridology is the study of how tissue changes within the body are reflected in the iris. By studying these subtle changes in the iris layers, a skilled iridologist can determine the most probable causes of those specific tissue changes in the body. Unlike most modern diagnostic tools today, Iridology can reflect tissue and lymphatic integrity around the entire human body.

Inflammation, acidity, drug deposits, genetic weaknesses, stress indicators, and lymphatic stagnation can all be pinpointed using this incredible science. This means, without a shadow of a doubt, Iridology is the most holistic and accurate tool for identifying causal weaknesses in the body. Iridology, accompanied by discerned solutions, is a gateway into your own health and provides a starting point to your own healing journey.

Azeem uses Iridology to gain a better perspective into his clients current and past health status, which allows him to provide a unique and specific herbal protocol. Additionally, it allows Azeem to provide more suitable and relatable holistic solutions to your underlying challenges.

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