I decided to work with Azeem as I wanted to find out more about my health and how he could help me specifically. Since I’ve been working with him, he has been able to confidently guide me throughout the whole process and always answer any questions I may have in detail. So far he has helped me understand the importance of diet, nutrition and other lifestyle habits that wasn’t aware of in order to help me with my symptoms.



Azeem’s iridology reading has been very informative. He was able to see some things that have been going on in my body and give me better insight as to what I need to do to take care of it.

He was also professional and very prompt to reply to any questions I had.

Azeem is very knowledgeable with Iridology and I’d highly recommend him.

Thanks, Azeem



I first stumbled upon Iridology through the foundconscious Instagram account. I became very intrigued with the subject and I wanted to do an Iridology report to find out more about my health. I reached out to Azeem, who happily provided me with everything I needed to get my Iridology report done by him. He was very patient throughout the process, specially getting my eye pictures done correctly. Taking my eye pictures was the hardest part of the process, but Azeem was there every step of the way and simplified it with great instructions. Once I submitted my eye pictures that were up to standard, Azeem began working on my report. He promised to have the report done within a few days and he delivered. I was very impressed with how much detail went into the report. It was extremely thorough and you could tell that Azeem took his time in delivering a detailed oriented report. Once I received my report, I went through it and Azeem was there to answer every question I had. This Iridology report opened my eyes about many aspects of my health, and also provided me with the necessary information that I need to restore my health. Even if you are a healthy person, I suggest looking into this and giving it a chance at least. Azeem was also there to provide me with a protocol following the report! If you are hesitant about doing this, I can say with all honesty that it is worth it. We are told from a young age that the eyes don’t lie, and after this report I can say that this statement is correct on many levels. Go for it, Azeem is great, and after all, our health is our wealth




I had the pleasure of receiving Iridology Analysis from Azeem. It was my first time having such analysis done, but with Azeem's good instructions I was able to take the needed photos and send them for the analysis. The report was ready in a matter of few days and during this time Azeem made sure to keep me updated on the process.

The report I received was very detailed and the findings were well explained in a way that was easily understandable. Even though I had given some additional info about my overall health earlier, I was quite blown away how some of the things that came up in the report were spot of with some of the symptoms I have been having, and which were not discussed prior the analysis. Azeem also included very good advice on the recommended steps to start the healing process of the body. He has a lot of knowledge on this.

I was very happy with my experience, and would definitely recommend Azeem to anyone interested in Iridology Analysis.



Firstly the communication with Azeem has been outstanding, he always reply’s within 24 hours and provides such detailed and empathetic responses.
I like how in-depth and educational the report is - it provides an educational paragraph before then explaining how it relates to you as an individual, whilst providing recommendations for regeneration/improvement; this is really helpful as you can start incorporating changes immediately.
I feel the report was accurate in detailing my bodies state and possible symptoms as it highlighted areas of my body that had symptoms which Azeem didn’t know about prior to writing the report.
It was quite intense reading at first, especially because I gloss over my own health and focus so much on others, so to see such detailed information about myself took time to process.
I will be continuing my journey with Azeem as it seems futile to start this journey without having that continual guidance and reflection.
I’m keen to make the changes my body and mind needs and see what my future iridology report looks like.
Thanks Azeem, after following you for so long there is a foundation of trust in your values and practice.