Foundation Training - fix posture, back aches, hip pain etc

Jan 27, 2024

Being a content creator and avid online researcher for many years i developed a sluggish body. Here’s how:


Sitting down for too long each day 🪑


Even though i ate well with an organic whole food diet and regularly detoxed my body, i still felt “off”.

This “off” feeling was a jacked up, tight, and compressed body from chronic sit-down syndrome.


When we don’t move the body adequately enough, the muscles and joints begin to atrophy. These are some of the main areas that are affected ⬇️


  • Back

  • Neck

  • Posture

  • Ribs

  • Diaphragm

  • Hips

  • Pelvis

  • Glutes

  • Feet


To be quite honest, when these areas of the body are not free to move and flex according to the natural rhythms of nature, then the whole body is compromised.


The posterior and anterior chains are weakened and pain, stiffness, and injury ensues.


As for myself, my posture got a lot worse over the years from too much sitting and being on my computer.


🔴 I began to notice less range of motions within my hips and glutes.


🔴 I noticed neck stiffness.


🔴 My chest felt compressed due to the compression of my shoulders and back muscles.


Although i was not in pain, i didn’t feel great and knew something had to be changed.


From my understanding, the last thing i needed to do was work out with heavy weights. So, i knew i had to do exercises that would open my body up and build a stable foundation.


“Something like stretching” i thought 💭


I heard about Foundation Training years ago and followed them on Instagram. So, that was the first place i went to learn what their programs and exercises were about.


It was an instant match. I knew i needed what they offered (this was the beginning of 2023)

This is what their website said:


" You’ll learn a series of body-weight exercises that activate your posterior muscle chain, which includes the muscles in your back, hips, glutes, and legs. By strengthening and learning to use these muscles properly, you can correct the imbalances that come from sitting too much, hunching over screens, and other habits of modern life.


Foundation Training helps you Decompress your spine and Anchor your hips, which can relieve back pain and improve your posture. By learning to take the burden of supporting your body off your joints and put on your muscles, you can move more easily and gracefully, no matter your age or fitness level.”

So, without hesitation, i signed up to their program and began working through their protocols.

They were challenging to begin, and i am still learning the fundamentals, but it’s been a tremendous journey."




After practicing their movements every other day (on average), i noticed changes in posture, i feel less tight in my muscles, i feel less neck pains, and way more expansive in my body 🟢


Of course, i still have a long way to go, and i could definitely increase the amount of exercises i do (perhaps doing it every day), but it’s changed my mindset on a lot of things.


You can never truly feel great in your body without ensuring the parts work. No matter how good the diet is, if you don’t move and stabilise the body, you’ll always be prone to some discomfort (acute to chronic).


For anyone with chronic sit-down syndrome, back pain, tightness in the joints and muscles, hip problems, injury prone etc, i highly recommend signing up to their programs ⚡️


It’s super convenient as they have a mobile app with tons of protocols and tutorials.


You can pay monthly or pay yearly, it’s up to you.


Dr. Eric Goodman and Jessie Salas are amazing and professional coaches that you’ll find are very comfortable to listen and learn from.


By the way, i’m not affiliated with them (although, this would be cool), so i’m sharing this with you because i truly believe it’s beneficial.


I see this myself everyday i do the exercises.


Check them out below:


Much love,