The AMA Lied About The Lymphatic System

Aug 13, 2023

I've been doing research into the lymphatic system and i just can't believe what i have come across. When i learnt about the lymphatic system 6 years ago, i would always say "they kept this hidden" or "they don't teach you this for a reason". However, i never truly understood the severity of what i was saying. In other words, i never truly knew how deep the suppression of this valuable information went.

In doing my research the last week, i finally understood just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

In this exposition, i'll attempt to share with you all of my research in a clear and coherent way. The information i'm sharing is by far the complete cake, but slice by slice we'll get there.

Many of us understand the basic elements of the lymphatic system. We know it's the bodies sewage system. The bodies purification system. Many of us understand the role of the lymphatic system in keeping our bodies truly healthy. The lymphatic system is the bodies bathroom, whilst the blood is the bodies kitchen. The blood (kitchen) feeds the cells and the lymphatic system (bathroom) gets rid of the waste.

Alexis Carrel quote: The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in...

These two essential mechanisms is what will keep cells alive indefinitely as shown by the experiments of Dr. Alexis Carell in the early 20th Century. Alexis Carell demonstrated that you can keep cells alive indefinitely (in a culturing medium) if the cells were provided nutritional feedings and if the medium it inhabited was changed frequently, as to remove the waste materials the cells would excrete due to metabolism. As you can see, the two basic mechanisms of bathroom and kitchen were handled effectively. The cells were kept alive for 29 years.

What killed them?

One day, the assistant that was taking care of the experiment forgot to change the culturing medium, meaning the assistant forgot to get rid of the cellular waste, and the cells died overnight. This highlights the importance of a fully functioning bathroom (lymphatic system). If the waste materials given off by cells, or are injected into the system exogenously, are not effectively removed by the lymphatic system of the body, it will create an undesirable environment for the cells which will eventually cause cell death and/or starvation.

The lymphatic system, according to Dr. C Samual West (Author of The Golden Seven Plus One), can be described as the tree of life. 

“The lymph system in the body is like a tree […]. As I tell about what the lymph system looks like, then I’d like you to repeat it, as I give it to you, and you’ll never forget it again.

The lymph system we will [simply] describe like this – let’s repeat – the branches go up in the head, the roots go down in the feet, and the tree trunk is in the chest; and it’s called the thoracic duct.”

The lymphatic system surrounds each and every cell in the human body. There is almost 4x as much lymphatic fluid inside the body than there is blood. This means, lymphatic fluid is the predominant fluid inside the body. The lymphatic fluid consists of 90% water and the remaining 10% consist of waste materials, proteins, cellular waste, toxins, hormones, nutrients etc.

We have more lymphatic vessels (an estimated 240.000 miles) than we have blood vessels (an estimated more than 90.000 miles) and only the lymph capillaries branch out between the cells. The blood capillary don't branch into the interstitial spaces around the cells, only the lymphatic vessels do this. Due to how close the lymphatic vessels sit to the cells, there is no wonder a to how important they are in overall health.

So, during my research i stumbled on some key influential figures that helped piece together the truth about the lymphatic system. One of them was Dr. C.Samuel West. Dr. West, the author of 'The Golden Seven Plus One' did tremendous work on sharing to the world the truth about the great lymphatic system. Dr. West first introduced me to the concept of 'The Dry State'. I'd never heard of 'the dry state' before.

The concept of The Dry State requires some understanding of how blood proteins and water enter the interstitial spaces around the cells causing a disruption in the 'dry state' and creating oxygen deprivation for the cells. In order to understand this, let's take a look at how this all works.

Modern Institute of Reflexology

Understanding the mechanics

Firstly, we must understand that every cells needs oxygen and fructose/glucose in order to make ATP (energy) and to maintain the sodium-potassium balance. The sodium-potassium pump is the electrical generator inside each of our cells which gives the cells power to function and also creates an electric field/potential around the cells. For the sodium-potassium pump to work, the cells needs a consistent and timely supply of oxygen and fructose/glucose.

A cell's intracellular fluids must have a high potassium (K+) concentration while a low sodium (Na+) concentration. Mineral concentrations outside the cell (in extracellular fluids) are reversed, and a delicate balance must be maintained between these minerals.

A cell will go into an electric short-circuit (producing heat) if it does not receive sufficient oxygen, or if its delicate mineral balance is upset or altered in any way, and its electrical field will begin to diminish. As a result, the cell is damaged or killed by the acidic environment created by this process.

In the event that something happens that causes lack of oxygen or upsets the delicate sodium/potassium balance throughout the whole body, death will ensue since all of the electrical generators in every cell automatically shut down. It is for this reason that we will die in a few minutes if we are completely deprived of oxygen.

As a result, it is essential that cells have abundant oxygen in order to maintain their health, integrity, and normal life processes. In order to maintain a healthy cell, we must continuously replenish our supply of fructose/glucose, maintain our sodium-potassium balance, and refrain from activities that will destroy or disrupt these essential elements.

Now, back to Dr. West and his work on exposing the truth about The Dry State and why he believes it is the most crucial element to know in order to prevent and reverse mans suffering (from cancer, heart attacks, neurological diseases and pretty much every degenerative disease out there). As we can see in the diagram above, we have the blood capillaries at the top that bring nutrition and oxygen to the cells. We have the lymphatic vessels at the bottom which also branch out into the interstitial spaces around the cells, and then we also have the cells which lie in between both the blood vessels and capillaries.

In the dry state, we see that the cells are closely packed together with just enough space in between for the lymphatic vessels to sit close by. This is the state of health in which man experiences no dis-ease. The cells are properly oxygenated, they receive the nourishment they need in a timely and effective manner and the waste materials are discarded efficiently by the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system will take the waste to nearby lymphatic nodes for it to be filtered and returned back to the blood. 

Now what Dr. West taught us is that when there is an altering of the dry state, this is the root cause of mans disease. Below is a great video where he speaks about this mechanism in more detail. He does get a little preachy in this video, but if you can see past it, it can be quite eye opening:

What actually happens for the dry state to be altered?

To answer this question and to fully grasp the levels of deceit, we must go back to Dr. Cecil K. Drinker, M.D. (1887-1956) of Harvard Medical School. Since the discovery of blood proteins in 1930, no college, university, or even medical school in the United States has taught the critical, revolutionary, and medically documented blood protein research conducted and published between 1930 and 1963.

The blood contains 3 proteins (plasma proteins) - albumin, globulin and fribinogen. It's important to note that we're not talking about the proteins we ingest from food, but the proteins manufactured by the liver from amino acids and circulated in the blood stream. Before Drinkers discoveries, it was generally accepted that these blood proteins do not leak out of the pores of the blood capillaries and into the interstitial spaces around the cell.

In 1931, Drinker suggested that the blood proteins (albumin, globulin, fibronogen) did in fact leak through the pores of the blood capillaries into the interstitial spaces around the cells. He went further and proclaimed that this happens through the entire body. He also went on to say that the blood proteins could only return to the blood via the lymphatic system. This completely went against the standard accepted ideas. It was generally believed by most that these plasma proteins were "too big to leak" through the blood capillaries. Unfortunately, this is still the consensus today. Drinker didn't have the funding or resources to prove out his theories. 

It was soon discovered, in 1948, by Dr. Hymen S. Mayerson, M.D, that Drinkers theories were in fact true. Mayerson has the equipment and resources to expand on Drinkers theories. Mayerson tagged the blood plasma proteins with radioactive iodine atoms to measure the rate and quantity at which they leaked from the bloodstream with the water into the tissue spaces.

 Mayerson published his research in the June 1963 issue of the Scientific American journal in an article titled The Lymphatic System[PDF] and this research revealed the vital importance of the lymphatic system with regard to our health.

Now you're probably thinking, what's the big deal anyway? Why does it matter if the blood proteins leak out of the pores of the capillaries and into the interstitial spaces?


As we mentioned earlier, the dry state is the perfect state of health in which no disease occurs. The cells are packed tightly together, there is a delicate balance of sodium-potassium (inside and out the cell), and just enough room for the lymphatic vessels to retrieve excess waste materials and proteins. When the cells are closely packed together, due to a vacuum-like phenomena, the cells sit close to the capillaries. 

This is really important to know because the way in which the cells receive their nutrients from the blood capillaries is via a rapid diffusion. The blood is 91% water. The blood circulates the body and makes a full round every 60 seconds. The blood diffuses from the capillaries into the interstitial spaces. 90% off the blood is magnetically pulled back due to the plasma proteins in the capillaries and 10% remains as interstitial fluid and eventually lymphatic fluid. This diffusion process happens 80 times per second according to Dr. C Samuel West.

Due to the rapid nature of this process, it's essential that the cells sit close to the capillary walls. This can only happen if the cells exist in the dry state. The cells must be in range of dissipation. Due to how quick the fluid is pulled back into the capillaries, the cells must be close to the capillary walls to receive optimum levels of oxygen and nutrients.

Here is where the cascading of health ensues.

When  there is excess fluid in the tissue spaces the cells will be further away from the capillaries and won't be in range for dissipation. The oxygen and nutrient content of the blood would be irrelevant at this point because the cells are not in range to receive them.

How does excess fluid get into the intracellular spaces? Well, as we covered, the blood contains 3 plasma proteins (albumin, globulin and fibrinogen). Albumin being the smallest blood protein which is why it's the most important. The negative charge of albumin acts like a magnet for the positively charged water and sodium. When the albumin leaks through the pores of the capillaries and into the interstitial spaces, it brings water and sodium with too. This is how the dry state becomes altered. 

According to Dr. C Samuel West, when the fluid (with the blood proteins) enter to interstitial spaces too quick for the lymphatic system to remove the excess proteins, the dry state is altered and cellular starvation ensues (unless this is corrected). If the lymphatic system cannot remove the excess proteins in a timely manner, the excess water and proteins will upset the delicate balance of the sodium-potassium pump (in and out the cell), will create oxygen deprivation for the cell and alter the ph of the interstitial fluid eventually resulting in cell death. 

“Most pain is caused from lack of oxygen. Medical research states that unoxygenated blood cannot relieve pain. As you sit on a hard chair for a while, you will come to know this is true. As you sit still, you block the circulation, and it begins to hurt. Your natural impulses tell you to move around, and as you do, the oxygenated blood comes in and helps take the pain away.” ~ Dr. C. Samuel West, D.N., N.D., The Golden Seven Plus One, p. 48

So, what does this have to do with the AMA?

In December 1964, the American Medical Association (AMA) documents Dr. Mayerson’s research by publishing it in their at-the-time official journal, known as “Today’s Health” (formerly “Hygeia”), in an article called “Your Other Circulatory System” by J. D. Ratcliff

 This would be the first time ever the AMA published crucial research about blood proteins and the essential role of the lymphatic system in taking away the proteins and waste from the interstitial spaces.

This research was getting out there. Top scientists and popular journals began talking about this blood protein research. In January 1965, Reader’s Digest published a condensed version of “Your Other Circulatory System” in an article called “Our Amazing ‘White Bloodstream‘”[PDF] which basically said the same things as the AMA’s article.

This is where the deception occurs and has been occurring since 1966. All the research came to and end.

The US Government became aware of this research and tasked all the top lymphologists, physicians and medical researchers to come together and expand on the blood protein research. The research being how the blood proteins leak out of the capillaries and into the interstitial spaces causing an altering of the dry state resulting in the lymphatic system to come and rescue the situation. Around 370 scientist from around the world gathered to dive deeper into this research.

In the same year, the International Society of Lymphology was created (I.S.L). The unification of these scientists was an opportunity to expand and share more research and experimental findings in regards to the blood proteins.

This is where the snares were laid...

By-laws were written and brought into effect which ruled the I.S.L. as a non-pure medical society, meaning that every medical member of the society was permanently restricted from ever publishing—in medical journals—any research they had made or would make in the future.

This means all the research on the blood proteins leaking through the capillaries into the interstitial spaces altering the dry state resulting in cellular starvation and a burdening of the lymphatic system was all locked within the I.S.L. It was all prevented from being published in journals and so never reached the general public.

It was then up to Dr. C Samuel West to bring forth this research. He was encouraged by the blood protein researchers at that time to bring forth this knowledge. He created The Academy of Lymphology in 1982 and dedicated his life to teaching people the fundamental truth about the blood protein research, the dry state and the true knowledge of the lymphatic system.

The AMA reverted back to their original ways deliberately being ignorant to this research. In their Home Medical Encyclopaedia  published in 1989, they reverted back to the old debunked knowledge as if the blood protein research never existed (and as if they didn't already come out with the truth in December 1964!!)

“The large size of the protein molecules prevents them from escaping from the blood into the tissues […]”

Here we witness the deliberate burying of life-changing information and knowledge in favour of corporate and business interests. When we take a glance at the medical industrial mafia today, we can see how deliberately hiding this important information was necessary in their totalitarian plan for global dominance. If people truly knew the root causes of their health issues by understanding the blood protein research, the dry state, and the role of the lymphatic system, they wouldn't much rely on conventional pharmaceutical interventions.

I'll be writing future blog posts about how we can prevent the altering of the dry state and more on how to keep the lymphatic system circulating optimally. I just felt this essay was an important introduction to the deceit we all face today and acts as a foundation to build on our study of human health.

“We have the authority with this [blood protein] research to stand up and tell people that all the [disease] research teams are researching for nothing. It’s money down the drain. And we speak with authority; it isn’t speaking halfway knowing. We are speaking with knowledge of the answer to every disease known to man and we’re saying that all the research [being done] is going down [the drain]. They’re doing it for nothing. They are researching for the treatment; they’re not researching for the cure.” ~ Dr. C. Samuel West, D.N., N.D., from the February 10th, 1986 presentation: “The Process of Healing the Body through the Lymphatic (Immune) System”

Thank you to GrapeGate.Com and the sources below for inspiring me to write this article myself. These articles below will give you more in-depth analysis on the blood protein research as well as the solutions.

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