Understand THIS Law of Healing

Jan 27, 2024
Herring's Law of Cure 👁️
Constantine Herring was a German homeopath in the late 1800s and is known as the "father of homeopathy" in America. He developed the term “healing crisis' which are a set of laws pertaining to how the body heals and in what order.
By understanding what the healing crisis is, we’re able to see where we are in our own healing journey, and gives us great insight into the directions we must take to ensure complete healing of the body.
There are three layers to the law of healing 👇🏽
  1. We heal from the inside out 🟢
The body tends to heal the most inner organs and systems first before anything else, this is because our inner organs are generally our more important organs. Lungs, heart, intestines etc.
As the inner organs begin to heal, healing then begins to travel to the outer areas of the body.
If we see someone with a lung infection who is relieved of coughing spasms and pain after a homeopathic prescription and then is plagued with an old case of eczema, we are comforted with the knowledge that the pathology has been shifted to the outer area of the body.
This would be considered a sign of healing.
However, let's say this person was to administer a cortical-type cream onto the eczema which suppresses the healing action of that condition, the lung infection may begin to surface and this would be considered a regression.
This is why it’s important not to suppress the healing actions of the body.
  1. We heal from the head down 🟢
Headaches are common healing crisis symptoms. After bouts of headaches are relieved, you may see an old arthritic wrist condition appear indicating that the healing has traveled from the top down.
One understanding of this is due to the fact that the body prioritises cleaning and strengthening the brain. Because without it, we’d be dead!
  1. We heal in reverse order from which we first experienced the condition 🟢
According to the last of Herrings law, symptoms appear and disappear in reverse order from which they appeared. This is not always evident in acute illness but is often observed in a chronic one.
This can be visualized as almost traveling back through time and re-experiencing our chronic conditions from the present moment all the way back to when we were a child.
Take a person who as child had asthma when they were 5 years old, arthritis when 30, and leaky gut when they are 50.
They tend to heal the leaky gut first with healing symptoms pertaining to the gut, then as that clears up, begins to experience old arthritic pains. As the correct homeopathic remedy is administered and the old arthritic pains subside, they may eventually, by detoxing hard and long enough, begin to experience asthmatic symptoms.
A question I often ask my clients who experience healing crisis symptoms is, “have you ever experienced this before”.
Oftentimes the answer is “aaah, yes!”.
With this new understanding, the healing crisis symptoms can be lovingly and willingly endured which allows for a smoother healing journey 🙌🏽 🟡