A Sweet Breakdown of The Sugar Myth

Sep 09, 2023

Does fruit feed cancer?


In a previous article we uncovered the fallacies surrounding the idea that “fruit feeds candida (fungus)”. Today, a more commonly reported idea is that “sugar” feeds cancer. It’s time to take a closer look.


Only a fool starves the body of energy in a state of disease.


In order to grasp this truly and fully, we must understand the primary fuel source of the body, the different kinds of sugars, and a little bit about what cancer actually is.


The research that tied sugar and cancer together” High Sugar Levels Increase Cancer & Mortality Risk”.  The study is published in the January 12, 2005, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.


The study shows that, of the people tested, those with higher fasting glucose levels (in the blood) had higher death rates from all cancers combined. Thereby concluding: “This study provides more information on glucose intolerance, an emerging cause of cancer. It points to increased cancer risk as another adverse consequence of rising obesity around the world,”.


A Sweet Breakdown of Sugar


Digestive System Processes | Biology for Majors II


In order for us to understand the nativity of such claims we have to learn about true physiology and food chemistry. It’s vital to know that there are different kinds of sugars. We have simple sugars and complex sugars (starches). Simple sugars are what are called monosaccharides which consist of single sugars; glucose, fructose and galactose. Glucose and fructose are the basic sugars needed for the cell to make ATP (energy).


We also have complex sugars: Poly or disaccharides.  These are complex chains of sugars consisting of several glucose/fructose bonds depending on the type of starch/carbohydrate. Complex sugars are: lactose, maltose, sucrose etc.


The body cannot simply use poly or disaccharides and it must break the starch down into its simpler constituents before it can be used. Not only does this burden the body with excessive digestion, but it also creates glucose loading (too much sugar) in the body which will then be stored as fat, or call upon the fungus family to come in and break it down (fermentation).


Remember: glucose/fructose is the primary source of energy for the cell and without it the cells would die. The very state of the cell hinges upon the timely delivery of fructose/glucose from the blood. Not proteins or fats. Proteins and fats can be used as fuel but at a great cost to the health of the individual. Dr. Robert Morse says “using protein for energy is like using the walls of your house to burn in your fireplace”.


To stop having sugar would be to sentence your cells to death.


With this understood, to say “sugar feeds cancer” would also be saying “eating vegetables feed cancer”. Vegetables contain more starches (complex carbohydrates) and will increase blood glucose levels more than fruit. However, to say this would be completely inaccurate and senseless. So what do they mean by “fasting glucose levels”?


If your fasting glucose levels are high it is an indication that your pancreas isn’t pulling its weight in producing insulin to “carry” glucose into the cell and/or your adrenals glands are shot and are struggling to metabolise sugar. It’s very important to know that the adrenal glands control sugar metabolism. They also control the autonomic nervous system which means they could also play a role in not adequately signalling to the pancreas to produce the beat cells for insulin (to “carry” glucose into the cell).


Vegetables contain glucose and do spike insulin levels as it’s required to get the glucose into the cell. Fruits contain fructose. Fructose is a much more electrically active sugar and does not require insulin for it to be carried into the cell. Fructose is pulled into the cell by a process of diffusion. This is incredibly important to understand.


This is why my clients with diabetes have great success with eating a primarily fruit based diet. Believe it or not, the fruits don’t spike blood sugar and become a wonderful detoxifying and energy-supplying food source. Most diabetics have weak adrenal function and kidney function which make they very susceptible to all kinds of cancer. To cut out sugar because your diabetic is to turn off the house electricity and our cells depend on that electrical (nutritional) supply of energy (sugar). This often puts you in a worse off position as now all your cells are suffering. Putting a diabetic on an all vegetable diet is also not good because vegetables, when broken down, will spike blood sugar levels and cause further insulin resistance. Excess sugar will also cause increased fungal activity within the body and increase carbonic acid which only further perpetuates an already acidic condition in the body (especially if they have cancer). An all fruit diet would be optimum whilst you pick up the endocrine glands with botanicals and activate the bodies drainage pathways.


Only when the adrenals are so weak in which sugar metabolism is severely hindered would we want to pay close attention. Even if that means eating certain non-sweet fruits and some low-starch vegetables to help cleanse and detox the system whilst you pick up the endocrine glands to be able to tolerate more sugar. With the narrow-minded idea that “sugar feeds cancer”, you’d be relegated, scientifically, to eat a high-protein diet. This is a dreadful idea if you have cancer and the build up of undigested proteins in the body will create further lymphatic constipation and toxemias inside the body. If you are going through this, please seek the advice and guidance of a certified detox specialist (such as myself :))


Does Fruit Cause Cancer?


Yes. But it also feeds every single one of your cells. From what we have already uncovered in this article, it’s not then a question of whether “sugar feeds cancer” but rather, “is cutting out sugar a solution to reversing cancer”. On which case, the answer would be a solid no. It is illogical to believe we must “kill” or starve the cancer cell because this will affect all of your cells. It is no different than radiating the body or going through chemotherapy as a futile attempt to cure cancer. This is because those kinds of treatments also affect every other living and healthy cell in the body. Those weaker cells then become your “A-typical” cells as a result of the “acid burn”.


The point of cancer pivots around the integrity of your bodies sewer system - the lymphatic system. As we discussed in a previous article on The AMA Lied About The Lymphatic System, we know that cellular oxygen and nutritional deprivation begins when the environment the cells are in leave the ‘dry state’. The ‘dry state’ is the perfect vacuum-like state of the cell environment in which the cells are close to the capillaries to receive their nutrient and oxygen, as well as tightly packed together with only the lymphatic vessels branching out in-between the interstitial spaces ensuring timely elimination of cellular waste materials and blood proteins. When the dry state is altered and enters the ‘wet state’, this is when we can expect conditions such as cancer to exist. I highly recommend checking out the above article.


This is another reason why fruits are amazing and superior to other foods. This is because fruits are also some of the best lymphatic movers. The astringent components of fruits (b vitamins, alkaloids, tannins, saponins, antioxidants, flavonoids, bio-photons etc) help the body flush itself of accumulated toxins which alter the environment of the cell. Thus fruits are encouraged as a primary diet when one has cancer. To say “fruits feed cancer” is to also say that “vegetables feed cancer” too - this is nonsense and a tragic myth.


It is clear though, that being unable to metabolise sugars properly because of weak adrenal function, and an inability to regulate insulin due to pancreatic weakness, fruits could be completely life-changing and highly beneficial for such people. This is one of the reasons for why these kinds of studies and publication are detrimental to the understanding of how the body really works. There has been a conceited effort to demonised fruits over the years with astute medical journals and media outlets reporting the dark side of fruit sugars. This is largely due to misinformation (or purposeful disinformation) to confuse people into eating sub-optimal diets which create further dis-ease inside the human body.


To Summarise

Sugar does feed cancer to the same extent that is also provides the ,life-blood and electricity of every living cell in the body. To demonise sugar and “cut it out” would mean sentencing the trillions of cells in your body to a slow and gruelling deprivation until death and decay. Carbon and oxygen are the underlying energetics (chemistry) that gives life-force to every living being on earth. Carbon, from sugars (carbohydrates) are crucial in keeping the cell alive and functioning properly. The primary source of the cell is carbon (sugar) and oxygen. The cell needs sugar to make ATP. Fructose is the most optimum sugar to consume, which primarily comes from your fruits, as fructose does not require insulin to be “carried” into the cell to make ATP. Whereas, glucose does. Eating starchy foods (including vegetables) will increase blood glucose levels more than fruits. Having a high fasted glucose level would mean pancreatic or adrenal weakness in which case fruits would be optimal. The type of sugar we’re talking about has everything to do with the effects upon the body as even a high vegetable diet would be sub-optimal for a diabetic.


If diabetes increases the risk of cancer, which is does, then this conversations needs to be exposed seriously as we are doing here.


For further study into the lymphatic system, check out my recent article The AMA Lied About The Lymphatic System. Here we go into great detail about the blood protein research that was buried and the important role the lymphatic system plays in keeping our cells healthy.


To that end, I appreciate you taking the time to read this article and hope that it inspires greater understanding and research to be conducted by yourself. Their are many takes on what cancer really is, and the nature of disease, and as life unfolds, I’ll be taking great pleasure in unpacking each of these great avenues of knowledge and synthesising it all into a digestible and applicable picture.